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Hand made

100% natural oil from seeds and nuts

Only the first cold centrifugation without filter additive, preserving all the beneficial properties, for those who take care of themselves and love tasty experiments.


We pay special attention to the environment and the quality of raw materials

Natural quality products

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About the process

We produce oils by first cold pressing at low temperatures, which allows us to preserve all their beneficial properties. If you come to our store, you can see the whole production process with your own eyes

How to try

Come join us for a free tasting where you'll sample the products you're interested in and choose your perfect flavor


Flour from seeds and nuts will help to diversify your culinary masterpieces and surprise your guests

From 2,00 €


Each oil has its own unique flavor and set of useful microelements

From 3,00 €


Oil Cake

Pure fiber, which will normalize the digestive system and diversify the diet

From 1,50 €


100% natural product

95% customers come back to us